Sunday, September 16, 2007

nice icecream tv travel i was with Lily Allen having K
spacelights and photic glasses in Hackney
she is not so posh, quite delightful
talking about stuff and of a party
"man u are invited" like Alec Boy in the Orange Factory;
dressing smartly. like only London girls know.
and she had the charly with the sizzla reefs
its briliant that u live in Crackney
with the Jamaican den thumping in the night.
well yes, and i have a garden.

and then from the borough of the great phalic tower
to the Clot -mirroring holes- and the Agbar bluelight
in the nightsky with the nightenergy of a totemic flower
or a jade stem that makes you lucky in discolove.

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